High performance insulation for Hot Water Storage with Vacupor ® VIP´s/ Vacuum Insulation Panels

According to the EU regulation , No 812/2013 the hot water storages are considered to become marked with Energy Efficiency categories A to G.
Since 26th of September 2017 exists additionaly class A+ and class G has been dropped.
In order to meet the new requirements, Vacupor® vacuum insulation panels are increasingly being used.
The increased requirements of saving energy in the field of hot water storage tanks can be realized very easily with our high performance vacuum insulation panels.

It will become simple to reach the EnEV class A + by using the space-saving vacuum insulation panels.
Link: http://www.umweltbundesamt.de/themen/klima-energie/energiesparen/energieverbrauchskennzeichnung/warmwasserbereiter-warmwasserspeicher#textpart-2

Product description

Vacupor® MS-LD is a microporous thermal insulation material with extremely low thermal conductivities, i.e. with very good thermal insulation properties. Vacupor® MS-LD consists of inorganic, silica based substances. The main part is high dispersed fumed silica. The remaining components are opacifiers for the minimization of the infrared radiation.

Vacupor® MS-LD (core material) is not flammable and fulfills the requirements according to IMO FTPC part 1 and DIN ISO 4102 part 1 A1.
Vacupor® MS-LD is covered in a special procedure with a gas- and water vapour dense plastic film, evacuated and heat sealed.

The extraordinarily low heat conductivity values are made possible by the very low internal pressure and the microporous core. Generally rectangular or square panels are manufactured. The individual elements can be assembled practically without any gaps. Other panel forms are available on request.

The Vacuum Insulation Panels can also be produced with a radius. The installation of preshaped panels at hot water storage tanks will become more efficient.

The panels can be provided by request with double adhesive film as protection layer.


Vacupor® MS-LD vacuum panel is perfectly suitable for the use of insulating hot water storage tanks and water heaters.

Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels can be bonded with a double adhesive tape or adhesive foam on top of the tank and later on foamed in during the standard foaming process. Please let us know, if you should need an adhesive recommendation.
Vacupor® can be applied with conventional polyurethan-foam systems.

The temperatures during the curing of the PU-foam do not lead to a degradation of the thermal or mechanical properties of the vacuum panel. By the selection of special barrier films the adhesion of PU foams on the panel surface is very good.

The advantages at a glance

  • high energy savings
  • significant decrease of insulation thickness and volume
  • increase of the utilizable internal volume
  • individual adaptable formats
  • very small edge effects
  • very good foam adhesion
  • long life span
  • easy to recycle
  • no harmful contents


Vacupor® MS
Vacupor® MS-LD